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Plus Size Lingerie Buying Tips

Buying plus size lingerie for the fuller figure woman can be great fun both for the woman who is buying for herself and also even if her partner is planning a surprise present. Curvy ladies can be just as sexy as smaller ladies, if not more so and so there’s no reason why plus size has to be plain and boring. A women who wears a large cup size tends to be really voluptuous and far more attractive to men than a skinny size zero!

All you need to do is follow some common sense guidelines and both you and your partner will feel great about your choice.

1) Size. First of all you must purchase the right size, and therefore make sure you have your up to date vital statistics before you start shopping. This certainly applies when shopping on the High Street and even more so when shopping online. If you need any help it’s worth consulting the Size Guide from Sexy Plus, a retailer who specialises in plus size lingerie.

2) Budget. Have a figure in your mind of how much you want to spend. Plus size lingerie is a very indulgent purchase so go ahead and spoil yourself, but make sure it’s within your budget. Try a brand like Dreamgirl or Seven Til Midnight, they are both excellent quality and great value.

3) Frame of mind. Get in the mood for shopping! If you are in a rush, tired or stressed out you may end up purchasing something that you don’t need and will never wear.

4) Price. If you see cheap lingerie or lingerie in the sale, it’s there for a reason. Remember you only get what you pay for. High quality lingerie will last you much longer and give you more pleasure and generally be more comfortable.

5) The whole package. If you plan to buy a plus size corset for example what dress do you plan to wear that with? If the corset has suspenders, do you have stockings to match? Make sure you have a complete outfit.

6) Accessorise . If you are buying stockings or knickers for example make sure that you buy several different styles and colours. Then you will be able to wear your lingerie in many different variations and have a different look every time.

7) Quantity. If you find a lingerie item that you really like and it fits well why not buy several sets? Most manufacturers update their ranges once or twice a year so that great piece of lingerie that you love so much may not be available the next time that you shop.

8) Value. This doesn’t mean buy cheap! Look for added value. For example some corsets are reversible and so you get two garments in one. Similarly often a corset or a basque can be worn both as an undergarment and an everyday top.

9) Ask! Most reputable websites will respond positively to any questions that you ask and some shop assistants too are trained to help. If you are not sure about any item regarding the price, material or even the look, much better to ask before you purchase.

If you’re shopping at home on a website why not ask your partner what he’s he thinks of your purchase.

10) Wear it! It sounds obvious, but only buy something if you really like it and you know that you are going to wear it. Plus size lingerie can be quite expensive and so don’t waste your money on an item that is going to sit in your drawer.

And finally most important of all, have some fun! Sexy plus size lingerie should be enjoyed by you and your partner in equal measure. So whatever you choose you should both delight in the curves that Mother Nature was kind enough to give you.

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