Julie France

Plus Size Shapewear for the fuller figure. Plus size shapewear for full body control from Julie France. Choose from tummy shaper, high waist body shaper, control panty and support bra. Seamless shapewear giving you control and support where you need it most. Plus size lingerie from Sexy Plus UK. Body slimming undergarments and women's shapewear are nothing new. Take a look back at some of the first body slimming wear, such as the corset, which was first made popular in the early 1800’s. Thankfully, plus size shapewear has made dramatic improvements not only in comfort, but in style and form. There are several benefits to wearing shapewear, aside from the obvious slimming look that you get. 1) Lingerie like Spanx Shapewear or Julie France really can help you to drop one, maybe two or sometimes three dress sizes in the blink of an eye. No need for diets or physical exercise – Just put on your shapewear! 2) Shapewear comes in most types of lingerie including, bras, panties and the most popular body shapers. Even some swimwear brands now use this technology. 3) The correct choice of shapewear actually can smooth out your body, leaving you with a wonderful shape and silhouette. No roll tops or extra flesh at the bra line — And of course it's instant. 4) A women who looks good will usually feel good too. So your self-esteem and confidence will automatically rocket. Want to wow your friends at work or socially? Shapewear can help you do that and show off your natural curves the way that Mother Nature intended. Putting your curves back where they belong!

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UK Dress Size
Camisole Body Shaper

Camisole Body Shaper

£45.99 £50.00
Camisole top body shaper

Camisole Top Body Shaper

£40.99 £45.00
Seamless Dress Body Shaper

Dress Body Shaper

£48.49 £52.00
Frontless Body Shaper

Frontless Body Shaper

£49.99 £53.00
High Waist Boxer Style Shaper Briefs

High Waist Boxer Style Shaper Briefs

£41.49 £45.00
High Waist Panty Shaper

High Waist Panty Shaper

£41.99 £45.00
High Waist Thong Shaper

High Waist Thong Shaper

£40.99 £44.00
Seamless Panty Shaper

Panty Shaper

£32.49 £37.00
Seamless Body Shaper

Seamless Boxer Body Shaper

£51.99 £55.00
Seamless Boxer Shaper Briefs

Seamless Boxer Style Shaper Briefs

£39.99 £45.00
Seamless Shaper Leggings

Seamless Shaper Leggings

£41.49 £45.00
Seamless Support Bra

Seamless Support Bra

£31.99 £35.00

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