What Is The Difference Between A Chemise And Babydoll?

Tuesday 19th March 2024

This question is often asked by confused ladies and their partners, especially when buying sleepwear online. It doesn’t help that the two words seem interchangeable, and many websites appear not to know the difference!

Both are stylish and sexy items of nightwear, principally worn in the bedroom. But there are subtle differences.

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One of the main differences is in the length of the garment. A Babydoll tends to be shorter and stops just below the panty line whereas a Chemise tends to be longer finishing somewhere between the knees and middle of the thigh.

A plus size Babydoll is no different to this description, in that it has short sleeves with delicate thin shoulder straps and it is cut to fit snugly to the body and just under the bust. Hence a Babydoll can also be known as a negligee. A Babydoll tends to be made from flimsy and sexy materials such as silk, satin, or lace. Typically, the bottom half of a Babydoll is flowing & loose fitting.

A Chemise also does not have sleeves and includes narrow straps at the shoulder, but it is a much tighter fit at both the hips and bust and so follows the silhouette of the body much closer.

So, what about a Camisole then?

A camisole is very similar but different again! Usually, it’s sleeveless but it only goes down as far as the waist.

Here’s a good example of a Plus Size Cami.

The Camisole (or Cami as it is often referred to) is made from a variety of materials such as silk, satin, nylon, or cotton. So, the Chemise is longer than a Camisole and will finish below the pelvis.

Now we have clarified this, let’s look at some of the often-asked questions about these 2 garments.

Can you sleep in a Babydoll or a Chemise?

Well, let’s be honest, a Babydoll is nearly always very, very provocative! So yes, you can sleep in it if you wish, but maybe you have something else in mind!

If you are looking for clothes to sleep in, they will tend to be made of a comfortable easy-to-wear material, such as satin, silk or cotton. A Babydoll or a Chemise do both fit the criteria and therefore can be worn for this purpose. Sometimes comfortable and sexy can go together!

Can you wear a Chemise as a dress?

The short answer is, yes! As we have already discussed it’s a fairly short that finishes below the panties but well above the knee, so this is not for everyone. But wearing a Chemise as a mini dress makes great clubwear. Very sexy, comfortable to wear and easy on the eye!

Can I wear a Babydoll as an outer garment?

Maybe a Babydoll, worn with a short skirt or tight jeans, plus stiletto heels is your thing. And yes, on the odd occasion that may work.

But in the main, I’m afraid the short answer is, on most occasions this a garment that is meant to be seen in the bedroom!

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