Looking Good In Faux Leather Part 2

Sunday 5th May 2024

Welcome to part II of our faux leather / PU leather clothing and lingerie dressing guidelines. There’s no doubt faux leather and PVC can both be sexy and classy, risqué, and sophisticated.

Here’s a few ideas to make you look a million dollars $$$

 1. Choose an Outfit That Compliments Your Figure.

The nature of this man-made product means it is a fantastic way to show off your womanly curves. And when the faux leather is combined with another material, such as lace, the effect can be breathtaking.

Click here for faux leather and lace dress.

Make sure that you choose clothing that complements the natural shape of your body and in addition it’s essential that the clothing is comfortable to wear.

Hence if your figure would be classed as ‘petite’, you can certainly afford to be bold and go for a mini skirt accompanied by a matching jacket.

Click here for PVC  mini skirt.

In addition, if you have a pear-shaped backside, we would suggest an A-line skirt or maybe a tunic style top with faux leather trimmings.

2. Quality Is Important.

Don’t take short cuts and choose cheaper, lower quality items as it really is a false economy. Without a shadow of a doubt, quality matters when it comes to comes to faux leather clothing. So, you should definitely choose a reputable supplier, such as Noir Handmade, who are based in Europe. Look closely at the seams and stitching quality as this is a very good indication of the quality of the manufacture.

A good quality garment will firstly look good and secondly it should last a long time, even after washing.

3. Accessories Are Key.

Carefully chosen accessories will greatly enhance the look of your new outfit, so choose items that are understated but unique. Diamante can be subtle and striking. This could be earrings, a necklace or maybe a dress ring.

In terms of accessories clothing-wise, here’s a few more ideas:

PVC Gloves

Wet Look Stockings

Faux Leather Garter Belt

4. KISS! Keep it simple stupid!

As this material is a fairly modern phenomenon, it’s certainly new and exciting, but don’t be lulled into the mistake of going overboard. More is less, as they say!

Neutral colours for your complimentary clothing will give you a chic and classy look.

You are not competing with anyone, just be yourself. There’s no marks for over-indulging.

Hopefully you now have some great ideas of your own on how to create your personal faux leather look. It’s certainly the type of material that can be worn by all ages and body shapes and still look fabulous.

And here’s a few “No No’s”.

1. Don’t wear too much at one time. There are plenty of complimentary materials you can wear to go alongside your faux leather outfit.

2. Get the Right Fit. Don’t squeeze into a garment that is too tight. You won’t be able to walk or sit down comfortably. Also don’t go for a loose-fitting garment, that’s not a great look! Style and fashion are important but so is comfort!

3. ‘Tis the season for Faux Leather! Spring, Autumn and Winter are all great seasons for faux leather, but in the summer, this is not the ideal material to wear. Hot and sweaty is not a good look!

4. Choose the right colour. Neutral colours such as black, brown, and red are best.

Click here for Red faux leather chemise.

These colours should be much easier to match with other items in your wardrobe. So don’t be seduced by bright trendy colours. The effect can be quite tacky.

5. Don’t forget your shoes!

Again neutral colours are best, so black, brown or red depending upon your outfit. Both matching shoes and boots will look great. We definitely suggest avoiding bright neon flashy colours.

We’ll be back with the final part of our Faux Leather dressing tips later, so please do subscribe and keep in touch!

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