Bodysuit or Teddy?

Tuesday 27th February 2024

What is the difference between a Bodysuit & a Teddy?

If you are inclined towards one piece lingerie, do you prefer a Teddy or a Bodysuit? Or as seems more likely are you confused about the difference between the two?

You are not alone! Most people don’t understand exactly how to differentiate between the two and use one word when they are referring to the other garment. So let’s have a look at these 2 items of underwear, so that we can all understand how they are worn and then you can decide which one will be best for you.

A Bodysuit is a body hugging one piece item of lingerie that covers both the body and the crotch. Usually it has a snap crotch closure and may have sleeves but can also be sleeveless. Typically it is made of spandex and/or nylon and can be worn either as an under garment or as a top on its own.

On the other hand a Teddy whilst also being a one piece lingerie item, usually is far looser fitting, does not have sleeves and tends to made from much more delicate fabrics, such as satin silk or lace. For these reasons the Bodysuit is most often worn all day as an alternative to bra and knickers whilst the Teddy is more sexy and therefore is mostly worn in the bedroom!

Here’s a typical Plus Size Bodysuit.

Whilst this is a Sexy Teddy.

So which one is best for you? This of course depends both upon your own personal style and also when you plan to wear it and for how long. 

As a close fitting alternative to bra and knickers that can be worn all day underneath your clothing then a Bodysuit might be the best option. A Bodysuit will give you a great silhouette and often smooths out those lumps and bumps. 

A Teddy on the other hand is often worn underneath a robe as a more delicate item of lingerie. Materials also reflect the different use, so will probably be silk, satin or lace made in a flowing style. Consequently a Teddy tends to be perceived as more feminine and romantic and will be often be adorned with bows or ribbons. 

Whatever your preference, here at Sexy Plus we have a Plus Size Teddy or Bodysuit for you.

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